Kipi, the western coast of Saaremaa – here the sun is always shining and when it’s not, it’s simply hidden behind the clouds!

In 2008 we established a 3,5 km long nature trail on our estate. It’s a an adventurous walk with a variety of attractions such as the walking beam, resting places, footbridges, a giant slingshot, labyrinth, archery trail, tree-stump trail and a bird and animal watch-tower.

For those who don’t feel like going through all these obstacles, can simply enjoy a peaceful walk along the beautiful forest path, surrounded by untouched nature.

Take a look at the nature trail gallery by visiting our gallery.

NB! Nature trail closed :-(



The sea is 1,2km away where you can find a fresh water spring with crisp clean water. Old folk tales say that washing your face with natural spring water rejuvenates your body and spirit – no harm in trying. :)

We also offer hunting and fishing opportunities as well as taking a boat out on the sea to meet the sunset!

Plenty to do for the entire family – come and join us on our adventures!